Orlando Towing Team at Fire Conference

Orlando Towing Teams Participates in Cross-training Event at Orlando Fire Conference

Johnson’s Wrecker Service is a proud member of the Orlando towing community. It was our honor to participate in a cross-training event during this year’s Orlando Fire Conference. The fire conference provides training to firefighters from all over the state of Florida. 

Our role as an Orlando towing company is to do a deep dive on recovery techniques. Oftentimes firefighters will have to lift up vehicles with or without the assistance of a towing company. The main goal of our cross-training conference is to learn how each side can better help each other and to share techniques to make recoveries safer.

As the chosen Orlando towing company, we are entrusted with setting up real-life demonstrations of various lifting and recovery techniques. One of the scenarios from this year involved a dump truck fitted with a clamshell gate on the trailer. 

While firefighters may be tempted to lift the truck up from the gate itself, we highly caution against doing so. Should you lift this particular truck up from the clamshell gate, you risk having the gate rip off and fall! The towing team went over other points of attachment in order to lift the dump truck as safely as possible.

We relished in being able to collaborate with some of the bravest men and women in Florida. Our Orlando towing team was able to speak with firefighters from Orlando, Miami, Daytona, Broward County, Brevard County, and more! We enjoy attending the Orlando Fire Conference every year and look forward to 2022.

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A special thanks to the firefighters who donned green Austin Strong t-shirts in honor of Austin Daniel Gayne. Austin was a member of the Johnson’s Wrecker Service team who died after a motorist failed to slow down and move over. Austin was only 24 years old and left behind three children. We still feel his loss every day. 

Please, if you see any first responders or flashing lights on the road, slow down and move over

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