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Heavy Recovery in 1 HOUR!

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Heavy Recovery Needed for Machinery Stuck on the Lawn 

When driving heavy machinery, it is always a good idea to stick to solid ground to avoid needing a heavy recovery company! A customer from the Millenia neighborhood in Orlando recently learned this lesson the hard way. 

While operating his heavy machinery, the customer drove off the road and onto the lawn. He literally got stuck in the mud and could not drive the machinery out! Thankfully, he knew just the experts to call and rang up the experts at Johnson’s Wrecker. 

Knowing that they were nearby, he knew that they would complete the heavy recovery in no time. And he was right! The expert crew arrived on the scene in less than 15 minutes and carefully assessed the situation. 

In order not to damage the lawn, they put down pads on the ground and then hooked the machinery onto a Bobcat fitted with a winch-box. Within 1 hour, the heavy recovery was completed by the two Johnson’s Wrecker experts. 

The customer was extremely pleased with their efficiency and also learned his lesson! Moving forward, he knows to stay on hard ground instead of driving into the lawn! A job well done to the Johnson’s Wrecker team for their efficiency and trusted services. Keep up the great work team! 

Details of Heavy Recovery Needed for Machinery Stuck on the Lawn 

Johnson’s Wrecker Service recently received a call from a customer in Orlando, FL regarding a heavy recovery. The call came from the Millenia neighborhood and the driver needed assistance with his heavy machinery. 

Johnson’s Wrecker Service quickly dispatched an experienced heavy recovery crew from their headquarters. Johnson’s Wrecker has two locations and the crew left from the location at 580 Wilmer Ave G, Orlando, FL 32808, which is quite close to the Millenia neighborhood. 

The heavy recovery crew drove south from their location and were able to arrive at the scene in less than 15 minutes. Upon arriving, the heavy recovery team assessed the situation and planned the best course of action. 

The customer who called explained that he had gotten his piece of heavy machinery stuck next to an apartment complex. He had driven off of the hard ground and got stuck on the grassy lawn. Because it was on soft ground, he couldn’t drive the machine out. After hearing all the information and inspecting the vehicle, the heavy recovery team got started on the job. 

To start the heavy recovery,  they put down pads on the ground to avoid causing damage to the lawn. Then, they used their winch box (connected to their Bobcat) to hook onto the heavy piece of machinery. One Johnson’s crew member operated the Bobcat, while the other one did the rigging. 

Within 1 hour, the heavy recovery was completed by the Johnson’s Wrecker experts. The customer learned to stay on hard ground when operating such heavy machinery in order to avoid another incident and heavy recovery. Johnson’s Wrecker is available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year for heavy recovery in and around Orlando, FL.