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Powerful Orlando Rotator Lifts 30,000 lb


Rotator Operator Navigates in Tight Space

This week’s blog highlights the importance of having a rotator in your heavy duty towing fleet. An Orlando company was using a storage container to store exercise equipment while they constructed a new building. The container was placed in what would eventually become a parking garage.

With the construction complete, it was time to move the treadmills and ellipticals to their new home. There was only one thing standing in the way of doing so … space! There was plenty of space when the owner originally placed the container in it’s parking space. Fast forward a few months and they now had a low ceiling and pillars to navigate around.

The container and the equipment weighed approximately 30,000 lb. While lifting it would be no problem for a crane, it would be impossible for a crane to work in such a tight space. This is when it is super useful to have a rotator. Rotators have a crane-like boom, allowing them to complete the same tasks a crane would. The major difference between them is the fact that rotators can easily fit into smaller spaces.

On this particular occasion, the rotator operator drove his rotator into the parking garage. Due to the awkward angle the container was sitting in, the operator needed to drag the container prior to lifting it. He took special care to set up skates in order to prevent the container from scratching the floor while it was being dragged.

With the container now in a better position, the rotator operator carefully lifted it into the air just high enough to back a Landoll trailer underneath it! The rotator operator lowered the container onto the Landoll and assisted the driver in securing it in place. It was time to get that exercise equipment off to it’s new home!

Great work out there team. Instead of rushing the job, you were methodical in your movements and ensured that no damage was done to the building or the container. Keep up the great work!


Details of Rotator Operator Navigates in Tight Space

The Orlando rotator team was dispatched to a parking garage to move a loaded storage container. One the rotator team arrived on scene, they assessed the situation. The rotator operator carefully drove into the parking structure.

With the rotator in place, they hooked onto the container. Using skates to avoid damaging the floor, the heavy towing team dragged the container out of it’s old parking spot. With the container in more open space, the heavy towing operator was able to lift it into the air. 

As the operator balanced the container into the air, a Landoll trailer was backed into the parking garage and underneath the trailer. The heavy towing team slowly lowered the container onto the back of the trailer.

The container was secured in place prior to being driven to its new home. The heavy tow truck crew returned to 7777 Narcoossee Road, Orlando, FL 32822.